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Surrogacy in Armenia is your right choice


Everyone has the right to feel the joy of being a mother or a father, so if you wish to have a child, this dream should definitely be fulfilled! And surrogacy is the unique opportunity for families and people struggling to have children.

The first problem that people who want to have their own children with the help of surrogacy face is the choice of the country and the right clinic. Here everyone has to consider the experience and the reputation of the reproductive clinic, whereby the law of the country should also allow surrogate motherhood for foreigners.

Stages of the surrogacy program

Acquaintance with our center

You can get your own idea of our center, services and the special features of surrogacy in Russia on our website. We will give you a detailed consultation about the services of our center in any way that is convenient for you:

Conclusion of the contract

After handling of all organizational, legal and financial questions of the program you have chosen, a contract should be concluded – if you wish, it can be concluded personally in our office or remotely through the courier service.

The arrival in Armenia

The length of your stay depends on several factors, which we will inform you about during the first consultation. We would be happy to organize a free transfer from the airport to the hotel for your arrival and departure.

IVF with own oocytes

The genetic material of both parents is required to carry out an in vitro fertilization. In this case, the genetic mother needs to be present for the duration of the superovulation stimulation. Usually it takes no longer than 2,5 weeks.

IVF with Egg Donation

In this case, the duration of the stay of the genetic parents in Armenia is no longer than 2 days.
You may select the Egg Donor during your visit in the clinic or online in advance.

Cryo Shipping

If you already have embryos available, we would be pleases to deliver them from any location worldwide to our clinic in Armenia. The delivery is carried out with the corresponding international license.

Selecting a surrogate mother

We provide you with our own database of surrogate mothers, which corresponds to the requirements of the Armenian legislation (Ministry of Health), from which you can choose the surrogate mother according to your own criteria.

Embryo transfer and pregnancy

After the confirmation of pregnancy of the surrogate mother, we will inform you as soon as possible, only after that further payments will be made depending on the week of pregnancy (7 weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks). You will be informed in advance by your personal manager about each scheduled medical appointment, screening, examination and you will receive all medical reports on time on the day of the appointment.

Birth and receiving the passport

After the birth you will stay with your child in a family room in the maternity hospital until the discharge, right after that we will assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents until your departure.

We are proud of our achievments

We are the first in the world

who implemented the prenatal pedagogy “Sonatal” in surrogacy programs, approved by Ministries of Health of CIS countries, which contributes to the development of your baby before its birth.

We are the first in Europe

who realized the surrogacy program for HIV-positive couples, since HIV is no longer an obstacle to have a healthy child in the modern world.

We are the only ones in Armenia

that offer the full insurance package for the whole surrogacy program